Why am I the tailgate goddess?

Maybe because my first outing as a baby was to a high school football game when I was a few weeks old. Maybe because I was a cheerleader. But I think the biggest reason is that I love a good party in the great outdoors and what better excuse for a party than football.

We love to tailgate for the Hoos at The University of Virginia. And some days the tailgating is the best part of the day. But football season is just too short. So we "tailgate' at the river, when we're kayaking, shooting skeet. Any excuse for a party!!

Enjoy the recipe and the other helpful hints I offer for tailgating year round.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blue Crab Bay Co. Shrimp Dip

Blue Crab Bay Co. is based on the eastern shore of Virginia. They have great spice mixes, snacks and bloody mary mixes. I'm not a fan of bloody marys but I've always been told they are fantastic. You can find their website here.

Here is their recipe using their Blue Crab Bay Shrimp Dix Mix. You can also get this as a kit which is alos very tasty.

Shrimp Dip
8oz. cream cheese
1 Tbsp. Blue Crab Bay Co. Shrimp Dip Blend
1/2 cup mayonnaise
Dash Worchestershire sauce
1 tsp. lemon juice
1 6 oz. tin Blue Crab Bay Co. Tiny Wild Cocktail Shrimp

Soften cream cheese and add mayo, lemon juice, Worchestershire Sauce, and Shrimp Dip Blend. Stri until creamy. Add shrimp and mix until well blended. Serve chilled with crackers, bread, whatever suits you.

Happy eating!

The Menu from the Richmond Game

Can I first say Thank goodness we won. How embarassing it would have been to get beat by the coach's old team. Any way we're off to a good start.

The Menu:
Shrimp Dip
Crab Stuffed Mushrooms
Peanuts (I always have to have peanuts)
Chicken BBQ
Pasta Salad with Feta
Key Lime Whoopie Pies

I'll share the different recipes this week as I get them typed up.

Happy tailgating!

Some New Additions to the Tailgating Gear

Here are a few tailgating additions to the tailgating gear.

Corn Hole. I don't understand the popularity, but the guys love it and it keeps them busy. We made these boards using the plans from Corn Hole Game Players. I created the stencils to customize the boards using my Silhouette cutter. I think they turned out pretty cute.

The ice bucket I bought at Martha's Market last year. Martha's Market is a fundraiser held every October in C'ville to benefit the Breast Cancer program at Martha Jefferson Hospital. It's great shopping and goes for a really important cause.

Then there are the chairs which I embroidered. They came from Lowes on clearance. So super economical.

Hope you can add some of these ideas to your tailgate!